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Cooked is the debut feature film of 22 year old writer, director Cameron Utiger.


"Since I was about 16 I've been writing down all the funny and memorable experiences my best mates and I have lived through during our adolescence. This is the basis of the film and almost everything you see in it happened in one way or another".

Cameron spent his time during COVID and lockdown writing and preparing the film, working and studying whilst doing so.


Over this period Cameron saved half the film's budget and, with the help of Kickstarter, the second half was successfully raised at the end of January 2020. A massive thank you to our Kickstarter patrons!


The film is entirely set and shot in Cameron's home city of Newcastle. Local production company Tommirock Studios was taken on and actors were cast from all across Australia.

Pre-production began with COVID continuing to loom large. Frequent zoom calls with cast and crew made it all possible. 

With restrictions beginning to ease and the cast and crew raring and eager the group descended on Newcastle ready to take the film into production.


Over the next 3 months the Film was shot, beginning in January and concluding in April of 2021. 

It's the final HSC exam and with that the start of 'adulthood'. What better way to commemorate the end of this chapter than indulging in an 18th birthday party.


The Film follows Ethan and his best mates as they throw themselves into their last big night together before they all go their separate ways. 

The coming night will test their friendship as inevitably everything doesn't go exactly to plan.

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