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Meet the Boys
Xavier walker
Sam Folden

Xav is incredibly gentle and often struggles with communicating with people. Working at a liquor store has surprisingly boosted his self-assurance, ironically contracting hatred for any kind of confrontation. Xavier has future plans to attend university in Sydney next year, where he intends to study bio-mechanical engineering. He hopes this big change will help him build his self-confidence and work through his anxieties. Despite these challenges, Xav feels at home in the middle of the group's chaos and finds solace in their company.

Elijah King
Baylee Arndt

Eli is a gym junkie with an all or nothing approach to life. He has never half assed anything in his life, everything is either  0 or 100%. Eli has an extremely soft personality despite his masculine physique. His deep love and obsession with his girlfriend occasionally creates tension within the group. Eli teases the group constantly to mask his own insecurities, sometimes beyond the realm of mere banter. Eli, like Huddo has a tendency to get lost in the moment and take things too far.

Harrison Campbell
Jacob Oneil

Haz is your typical Aussie teenager, he is simple to keep happy, put a beer in his hand and turn on some sport. Haz exceeded expectations in school and plans on studying Law. Haz possesses an extreme amount of empathy but has a noticeably short temper. He cares about what he's wearing and how he presents himself in front of others but, in front of the boys, this is no problem and where his true extroverted self comes out. Haz is the anchor of the group and keeps the boys in line; he's never afraid to call it like he sees it.

Jake Wilson
Tobias Atallah

Jake embodies the traditional Aussie surfer dude. He has a natural charm and charisma that draws the attention of anyone he’s in the presence of. Despite his laid-back demeanour and inability Jake possesses effortless intelligence which has propelled him to a prestigious university in Sydney. He is always late with his head in the clouds, constantly forgetting important events, to the point where he is unintentionally selfish in his inability to organise himself and think about others. Jake shares a plan with Xav to relocate to university in Sydney which has opened a rift in the group.

Oliver Jones
Jarrod Gildea

Oli loves all things Australiana; rugby, beer and fishing. Like Hudson, he is extremely soft on the inside despite his carefree masculine exterior. Oliver loves girls, drinking, drugs and partying. He always wants to make sure his mates are having a good time, which aligns with his compassionate and loyal nature. However, his party lifestyle has slowly taken hold, isolating himself from the group, choosing more to hang out with his footy mates who, like him, thrive on a party first lifestyle. Behind his confident façade, Oli grapples with deep insecurities, struggles academically, and lacks a clear path for his future.

Hudson Kelly
Jake Willis

Huddo tries to project a tough masculine exterior persona, one that revels in fighting, drinking, and drug use. However, behind the mask is an extremely soft and emotional character who doesn’t quite know how and when to show his sensitive side. Hudson hated school and, as a result, dropped out to become a tradesman. Like some of the other boys Huddo struggles with expressing his feelings but his deep concern for the group and his inclination to get lost in the moment usually reveal his true feelings. After falling into the irresponsible party lifestyle and attempting to keep up with Oli, Huddo received a DUI. While he has regained his driver's licence, these events have strained his relationship with his family and left him the black sheep.

Ethan White
Zane Menegazzo

Our protagonist, Ethan, has little common sense and has never wholeheartedly committed to anything. The butt of the joke in the group, he’s constantly being teased, but has no problem giving it back. Unlike the rest of the group, Ethan isn't particularly fond of drinking and drugs. Ethan remains in the process of discovering his identity and his place, which exposes his struggles in interacting with girls and his anxious demeanour in social situations when he's not in the company of his friends. Ethan's loyalty to his friends is unwavering; with his father being constantly distant due to work, his mother and his mates serve as his primary support system.

Chacter Descriptions
Character Descriptions
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